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Steno’s Transcript Genius is an AI-Powered Analysis Tool That Gives You an Edge

Every attorney knows that finding the deposition you need can be a pain. Whether it was taken months ago or you’re sure another attorney at your firm has deposed the witness before, the challenge of finding the required testimony often involves hours of footwork searching through your firm's repository.

Then you have to read through the transcripts. You can spend days digesting facts and claims, making connections, developing timelines and sorting through piles of post-it notes.

This is exactly the type of old-school, manual work that drains your practice, especially if you are involved in complex litigation. It either eats up hours of your time or costs thousands of dollars to pay assistants. But luckily there is a better way.

Transcript Genius is a revolutionary analysis tool from Steno that uses cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to save time, lower costs and dramatically transform the way firms leverage transcripts. 

Transcript Genius reads through your transcripts to produce customized summaries, perform advanced searches and conduct transcript analysis. The result is new insight into your case—and a new competitive edge that streamlines preparation for motions, trials and many other aspects of a case.

Steno is the first court reporting agency to implement this powerful transcript technology, which is available exclusively to Steno clients through our beta program.

To begin using Transcript Genius now, join the beta program.

The Magic of Generative AI

Transcript Genius is powered by Claude 3 Opus, Anthropic’s most intelligent large language model. The result is the ability to interrogate your transcripts in a chat format, with Transcript Genius providing answers and insights that increase the speed and the depth of your research.

Built With Security In Mind

And you can rest assured that your data is safe with Steno. Our AI provider, Anthropic, upholds the same rigorous data protection and compliance standards that we follow.  Both Steno and Anthropic adhere to stringent SOC2 Type II and HIPAA compliance standards, ensuring robust safeguards for your sensitive Transcript Genius conversations. We also have a zero-day retention agreement with Anthropic, meaning that they will not retain your data after your Transcript Genius session concludes. We can also assure you that your data is not used to train the AI model.

Transcript Genius Gives You New Muscles

Consider a firm handling a complex case, with two dozen depositions. That could represent days of work for a small team that has to summarize, compare and unearth the important facts of a case. 

A team using Transcript Genius will have a completely different experience. Analyzing the transcript right in their Steno Firm Dashboard,, litigators can simply ask for what they want. Generating summaries around specific topics, timelines, deep and complicated queries about damages or contradictions are all available in real time. The team can then ask additional questions or request modifications, drilling down even further.

Using Transcript Genius, the work will take hours, not days. The information will be more clear and delivered in a format that is immediately useful. And the level of preparation will be vastly higher. For example:

Enhanced Search

Search across all the depositions in your Firm Dashboard. Use Transcript Genius' filtering capabilities to narrow down your search by case, attorney, or witness. Additionally, Transcript Genius’ “semantically similar” search finds testimony with similar meaning, without relying on keywords. For example, a search for “car” might also show entries for “BMW” and “Mercedes.” 

Dynamic Summaries

Transcript Genius can create a summary of a transcript in seconds, saving hours of time. That summary can be completely customized based on your needs and produced in a format that can easily be shared with colleagues. 


In cases where dates and times matter, Transcript Genius can produce a timeline in minutes that would take staff hours or even days to produce. Plus, it can then focus that chronology in any way that is most useful to you. 


The ability to ask questions about the testimony, and follow-up with additional questions, becomes a powerful tool to dive deep inside a case and investigate theories. The real-time interaction allows attorneys to examine case information in new ways and develop insights that would have been prohibitively time consuming—perhaps even impossible—in years past.  


The platform keeps transcript and case data all in the Firm Dashboard, so that it is easy to filter and find any transcript that is needed, even if it is several years old.


Transcript Genius makes it easy to double check your results. Generated responses include linked citations leading directly to the specific page and line where the responses are sourced.

Perhaps best of all, Transcript Genius is “future proof,” with an ongoing schedule of new features being added consistently, often in consultation with firms involved in the beta program. 

“Artificial intelligence is a game-changer for litigators,” said Dylan Ruga, co-founder, president and chief legal officer at Steno. “Transcript Genius is not just a tool to help you work. It allows you to synthesize information and surface insights that were all but impossible before--and it does it in real time.”

Join Steno’s beta program and begin using Transcript Genius now

Dan is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Steno where he leads the organization’s technological vision and strategy, ensuring resource and business needs align. Dan believes the combination of his engineering expertise and analytical skills are the key to his track record of success building, leading, and transforming companies and operations.


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