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Steno’s Transcript Genius is an AI-Powered Analysis Tool That Gives You an Edge

Every attorney knows that finding the deposition you need can be a pain. Whether it was taken ...
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How Steno Protects Your Sensitive Information

For the first half of my career, I worked in information security. I built and led the global ...
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Tackling Innovation: Why Steno’s UX Solutions Dominate in the Antiquated Legal Technology Industry

Editor's Note: Steno was founded in 2018 by a trial attorney, a computer engineer, and an ...
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The court reporting you need. The service you deserve.

When running a law firm, you have a lot on your mind: your cases, your clients, your cash flow. You need to meet your deadlines, work up your cases, and generate new business. So the last thing on your mind should be worrying about the details of depositions. Don’t let financing or technical hurdles stand in your way.