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Five Lessons Steno Learned from Law-Di-Gras 2022

What a weekend! Once again, the Steno team packed their bags to attend the annual Law-Di-Gras ...
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How Can I Protect My Client’s Sensitive Information?

The digital age is transforming virtually every industry, and the legal field is no exception. ...
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How to Use a Deposition at Trial to Win a Lawsuit

Deposition testimony can be used at trial as substantive evidence and to impeach a witness's ...
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Getting the Most Out of Expert Witnesses

Expert witness depositions can be the most crucial testimony in a lawsuit. A successful deposition ...
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Deposition Taking Tactics to Build a Case and Prepare for Trial

Taking a good deposition is the product of preparation. A deposition could help you resolve a case ...
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How to Prepare and Defend Your Client in a Deposition

The most significant event in any case for the plaintiff or defense is your client’s deposition. ...
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Avoid These Five Common Mistakes New Lawyers Make

There are many choices new lawyers must make as they search for a new career after law school. The ...
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Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Vegas Convention 2021

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles’ Annual Las Vegas Convention is the nation's ...
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Day by Day at the NCRA Conference & Expo 2021

The National Court Reporters Association holds an annual conference & expo with the hopes of ...
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Looking Back at Law-Di-Gras 2021

The annual Law-Di-Gras Ortho Spine Conference was produced by Free Thinking Marketing Group and the ...
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The court reporting you need. The service you deserve.

When running a law firm, you have a lot on your mind: your cases, your clients, your cash flow. You need to meet your deadlines, work up your cases, and generate new business. So the last thing on your mind should be worrying about the details of depositions. Don’t let financing or technical hurdles stand in your way.