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Why We Offer Deferred Payment Options For Your Litigation Fees

A year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Courts and legal practitioners are still dealing with judicial system delays.

From the shortage of court reporters to clients stuck waiting for justice, the impacts are felt at every level. Plaintiff’s attorneys are also facing monumental financial implications.

Attorneys invest in pretrial discovery to strengthen their cases and to ensure the best outcome for their clients. If that case can’t move forward, their resources are frozen. The problem worsens because many attorneys offer their services on a contingency basis.

The result? Attorneys and their firms are unable to resolve cases and see the return on their investment. They are also unable to take on new clients to grow their portfolio and business.

The size of your wallet shouldn’t determine the outcome of your case.

Plaintiff’s attorneys represent some of the most worthy class action, mass tort, personal injury, and employment lawsuits. Defendants in these cases can have what feels like an endless coffer of resources to silence a plaintiff and shut down their case.

You’ve no doubt heard of a lawsuit or tried one yourself, where the plaintiff was in the right but folded because they could not match their opponent’s financial power.

After speaking with our clients, we learned about the mental gymnastics they do every day. Pretrial discovery activities, like depositions, are weighed against the case-value benefit.

We’re here to change that.

How Does Deferred Payment Level the Litigation Financing Playing Field?

We’ve developed a new style of litigation financing. Instead of money, Steno offers court reporting services with no upfront cost until the case closes. With no interest and no price fluctuations based on the size of a recovery.

We call our signature deferred payment process DelayPay.

Our model benefits attorneys and their clients. There is no need to pay in advance for court reporting services, remote depositions, remote bench trials, arbitration, hearings, videography, interpreters, or any of the other litigation support services we offer. Attorneys can pursue each case to the full extent of the law, maximizing the recovery without cost constraints.

Court reporting services shouldn’t be an obstacle but an opportunity.

DelayPay is an investment in our clients and their cases. We trust their decisions, and this is our way of putting our money where our mouth is. There is no application process, fee, or approval because we’re committed to leveling the litigation playing field.

DelayPay also includes non-recourse options in select states. We are bound by state legislation, so to ensure you can take advantage of our non-recourse options, get in touch.


The Benefits of Deferred Payment Litigation Services Go Beyond One Case

Plaintiffs’ attorneys juggle a lot. Generating new business, building existing cases, supporting clients, the list goes on. That leaves little time to dedicate to balancing books and determining what litigation services fit the budget.

DelayPay enables you to pursue more cases and take as many depositions as you need to win. When money is not an issue, insurance companies have a lot less bargaining power against you.

To ensure their impartiality, we pay court reporters a few days after they complete their work. Additionally, we employ a team of highly-trained videographers. We handle all the shooting, editing, and post-production for you. This ensures you’re getting the same Steno-quality customer service every time.

You can take advantage of our whole suite of services from the start of the litigation process to the end. With more cash in hand, you have the opportunity to grow your practice. That's more money to invest in growth opportunities like building a team, oversight, and marketing.

With DelayPay, Steno hopes that more plaintiffs’ attorneys feel empowered to get justice for their clients.

It’s time for court reporting to be an asset, not an obstacle. It’s time to start pursuing bigger, bolder cases. It’s time to stop weighing the odds and start beating them instead.


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